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Dongxoai 1 Industrial Zone

1. Introduction:

Dong Xoai Industrial Zone 1 was approved detailed plans approved in Decision No. 2370/QD-UBND dated 29/12/2006 by Binh Phuoc Province People's Committee, it has been operating but do not have the infrastructure investor.

2. Scale:

- Total area: 153.49 ha
- For administration, services and management: 3.2 ha
- For renting: 94.08 ha
- For planting trees: 22.73 ha
- For infrastructure: 7.47 ha
- For traffic: 26.01 ha
- Rented: 34.6 ha
- Dong Xoai Industrial Zone 1 sis located in Tan Thanh commune, Dong Xoai Town, Binh Phuoc province.
- It is about 6 km far away from Dong Xoai down town (10 minutes for driving), 110km from The Ho Chi Minh City (2 hours for driving).
- Transportation system: National Highway 14 is the main road, No. 1 road is from National Highway 14 into the Industrial Zone (IZ), the other are 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7.
- Power supply: the first stage, the IZ uses electrical system from Dong Xoai 110/22KV electrical substation. The next stage, a private electrical substation will be built.
 - Water supply and sewerage system:
+ Water Supply: The first stage, the IZ uses groundwater. The next stage, it uses water from Dong Xoai water plant and water towers will be built in the IZ.
+ Drainage: After treating, wastewater will discharged into streams.
- Communication system: Connect to telecommunications network of Dong Xoai post office.
- Other public structures: building service centers such as: restaurants, post office, banks, entertainment centers, sport centers and food services.
Operation time: operation for a period of 50
Advantageous to invest in the IZ
- Favorable area for business and industrial development; flat terrain, carrying goods and transportation by National Highway 14
- Infrastructure investment is being built.
- Decision No. 1107/QD-TTg dated 21/8/2006 of the Prime Minister about plans of developing industrial zones in Vietnam to 2015 and orientations to 2020.
- Official Dispatch No. 1624/TTg-KTN dated 11/9/2009 of the Prime Minister about adjusting, adding plans of industrial parks in Binh Phuoc province.
- Decision No. 2370/QD-UBND PPC dated 29/12/2006 of Binh Phuoc Province People's Committee about approving detailed plans of Tan Thanh Industrial Zone.
List of companies are operating in the IZ
Dong Phu Construction Co., Ltd
Phuc Thinh Production – Services – Trading Join Stock Co.
Auntex Co., Ltd (Korea).
Techseal-Daibinh Company (USA).
KJ Glove Co., Ltd (Korea).
May Dien Co., Ltd (Taiwan).
Huu Nghi Mechatronic services – Trading Co., Ltd
SG Vina Co., Ltd (Korea).



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