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Dongxoai 3 Industrial Zone

1. Introduction:

Dong Xoai Industrial Zone 3 area is 120.33 hectares was approved detailed plans approved in Decision No. 82/QĐ-UBND dated 14/01/2009 by Binh Phuoc Province People's Committee, Binh Phuoc housing investment and business joint-stock company is infrastructure investor.
2. Scale:
- Total area: 84.7 hectares
- For administration, services and management: 2.5 hectares
- For renting: 54.5 hectares
- For planting trees: 8.9 hectares
- For infrastructure: 1 hectare
- For traffic: 22.9 hectares
- For public house: 4.9 hectares
- Dong Xoai Industrial Zone 3 sis located in Tien Hung commune, Dong Xoai Town, Binh Phuoc province.
- It is about 7 km far away from Dong Xoai down town, 105km from The Ho Chi Minh City.
- Transportation system: Highway ĐT 741 is the main road; inner roads are from Highway ĐT 741 into the Industrial Zone (IZ).
- Power supply: 22KV transformer from the national electric network. A 110/22KV private electrical substation will be built for supplying electric to the IZ.
 - Water supply and sewerage system:
+ Water Supply: The first stage, the IZ uses groundwater. The next stage, it uses water from Dong Xoai water plant.
+ Drainage: After treating, wastewater will discharged into Stone stream.
- Communication system: Connect to telecommunications network of Dong Xoai post office.
Operation time: operation for a period of 50
Advantageous to invest in the IZ:
- Favorable area for business and industrial development; flat terrain, carrying goods and transportation by Highway ĐT 741
- Infrastructure investment is being built


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