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Natural Condition

Situated at an average elevation of 88.63m above sea level, may be classed Dong Xoai in the highlands terrain, lower from North East to SouthWest with two major types of terrain. As low wavy terrain, most distributed on the town, mainly red soil developed on basaltic rocks and gray soils developed on old alluvial. Form of low-lying terrain belly, are interspersed with low hill terrain wavy, common soil on this terrain is sloping convergence, humus glay ...

Dong Xoai climate divided into two diffirent seasons. The rainy season usually begins in May and lasts until October. The dry season lasts from October last year to the end of April next year. The average annual rainfall is about 2,598 ml spread evenly in the month. At the end of the rainy season months of the dry season the weather is usually chilly at night. Dry season, daytime temperatures are often the highest in the country, but high temperatures only last for about a month and then tapered. Overall, Dong Xoai sunny climate year round average temperature of 26.7oC, with high temperatures all year round, high humidity and abundant light, very convenient for the development of short-term industrial trees and long days. Doang Xoai climate relatively tame, less natural disasters such as storms, floods ...
Of natural resources, Dong Xoai has rich land resources, with a total land area of 168.48 km2, of which, more average-quality land suitable for agriculture and forestry is 40,627 ha, accounting for 27.59% of the area; highly fertile land accounts for 11,894 ha, basaltic soils 3343 ha, poor quality only 2128 hectares. In general, the land of Dong Xoai has quite thick, suitable for the cultivation of cash crops, especially rubber and cashew. In Dong Xoai has 315 hectares planted (Tan Thanh with 270 hectares; Tien Hung with 45ha), there is no natural forest.
Inside of the ground in Dong Xoai has some kind of non-metallic minerals with large deposits. In three Commune: Tan Thanh, Tien Thanh, Tien Hung and spraying gravel mineral reserves of approximately 3,6 million m3; building stone reserves of about 40 million m3; In Tan Xuan and Tien Thanh have mineral soil with reserves of 8 million m3 of clay ... The minerals that supply raw materials for the construction and development industry.
Water Resources of Dong Xoai has been including groundwater and surface water. Groundwater concentrated in the southe town of groundwater reservoir has 03 floors with good quality. The average depth of groundwater from 60-100 m. Groundwater flow from 5-9 liters/sec, in the valley can be from 9-12 liters/second. Surface water sources in the area town has an area of 101,35 hectares of rivers, lakes, dams, such as: Song Be run by the weste boundary of the town of about 10-12 km; Suoi Rat  runs along the easte boundary of South town; Suoi Cam, Suoi Drip, Ta Mon lake (Tan Thanh),  Phuoc Hoa Dam (Tien Hung) ... is the main source of water to serve the agricultural, industrial activities.

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