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Mr. Pham Quoc Minh – the Deputy Secretary of the Committee received citizens periodically on August 5, 2014.
On the mo ing of August 5, 2014, at the citizen Reception room of  Dong Xoai  People's Committee, Mr. Pham Quoc Minh – the Deputy Secretary of the Committee-the  Chairman's Council received citizens periodically. There representatives who attended the meeting were the Fatherland Front leaders  of the town, the  town Inspectors, Department of Natural Resources and Environment, Urban Management Division, Centre for Land development of the town, Project Management Unit of the town, Tax Department of the town, the Office of People's Council and People's Committee.


On the afte oon of May 27, 2014, in the meeting room C- People's Committee of Dong Xoai Town, Mr. Tran Van Chung, Chairman of People's Committee of the Town, chaired the meeting to hear from the Room of Natural Resources and Environment of the Town reporting the results of the examination and the verification unit of land disputed between Mr. Nguyen Phi Luong and Mr. Ta Dinh Xa, who lived together in group 2 , Xuan Dong Area , Tan Thien Ward.
Attended the meeting were the representative Inspector leaders of the town, the Urban order Management Team, the President and Land office civil servant of People's Committee of Tan Thien Ward; the Leader and expert of the People's Council and People’s Committee office.

Tax Department of Dong Xoai town: Commended and rewarded typical taxpayers in 2013.

On 15 January 2014, Tax Department of Dong Xoai town held a conference to review the tax work and commend, reward typical taxpayers in 2013.

In 2014, the town was assigned to collect 1,785 billions of road maintenance fees for motorcycles.

OnFebruary, 24, 2014, the Finance and PlanningDepartment received and worked with the leaders of the provincial road maintenance funds about assigning to collect 1,785 billions of  road maintenance fees for motorcycles, assessing the completion of the revenue estimates as the basis for assignment of the revenue estimates and expenditures in 2014.
Report of the Finance and Planning Department showed that because the slow performance of assigning 1,785 billions of  road maintenance fees for motorcycles in the last months of 2013, the implementation of collecting had many difficulties. Total revenue of the town ​​in 2013 was 480.299.000 VND, accounting for 27% of the target of People’s Committee. Slow performance of assigning and lack of determination in implementing made the revenue low and different between the communes. In particular, Tan Phu ward, Tan Dong ward , Tien Thanh commune accounted from 44 % to 48% of the target but Tan Thien ward, Tan Thanh commune only accounted from 4 to 5% of the target. Basing on the revenue estimates, in 2013 the Provincial Road Maintenance Fund also assigned capital for investment in upgrading the roads to the town cemetery.

Vice Chairman of the Central Committee of the Vietnam Farmers visited safe vegetable production model in Dong Xoai Town. 06/01/2014 .
Recently, Mr. Lai Xuan Mon - Vice Chairman of the Central Committee of  the Vietnam Farmers' Association and provincial leaders visited the safe vegetable production model in Dong Xoai Town.

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