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 When liberation (12/26/1974), the population of  Dong Xoai only 4370 people living in some areas, ethnic people S'Tieng living in Dong Tam area, Khmer live in Tan Phuoc and Kinh people living in Tan Phu, Dong Tien and Thuan Loi.

Implementation of the Party's policies on the population distribution, the establishment of new economic zones, in 2 years 1975-1976 Dong Xoai received 6 cycles from Ho Chi Minh City with 25,000 people to build the new economy. Upon receiving residential district located along the two lanes highway 14 and Route 2 (now DT.741) to establish the new social economy: Tan Hung, Tan Loi, Tan Hoa, Tan Lap, Tan Thanh.
In early 1978, Dong Phu District received 823 people Thai Thuy district-Thai Binh province to build new economic district has allocated this population established 02 cooperatives in Thai Nguyen, Thai Tho. On March, 1978, Dong Phu receive an additional 50 households with 300 people Thai Thuy district, Thai Binh province to new economic development district organizations to this population coexist in Tan Hung. In addition to receiving population to build new economic policy of the Party, during late 1976 - early 1977 Dong Phu district received additional 5,588 people moving from other parts of the country to students living in the area (including the communes of  Dong Xoai area today).
Over time, people from other places to settle down in Dong Xoai has becoming increasingly crowded, which includes ethnic minorities in mountainous northe migration to Dong Xoai - Binh Phuoc for the number of ethnic groups in Dong Xoai significantly increased and created abundance, diversity in cultural activities of the community of nations Vietnam in Dong Xoai.
From Dong Xoai population of more than four thousand people when the liberation, but so far the town's population was over 82 thousand people, the average density of 485 people per km2, the highest in the province. Now, Dong Xoai has 20 ethnic minorities living, including: the Khmer; Tay and Nung, S'tieng, Muong, Thai, Dao, San Chay, MNông, Giarai, Hmong, Mnông, Choro, Giay, Colao, Dao ... the ethnic mix with one another, with the Kinh in all communes-wards of the town.

In Dong Xoai has 03 major religions are Buddhism, Catholicism, Protestantism with 10,003 members, accounting for 12.24% of the total population. In particular, the 4.877 Buddhist adherents (6.2% of the population), 4,704 faithful Catholics (5.98% of the population), 350 Protestant Christians (0.44% of the population), the religious other teachers 72 believers are living in 02 parishes (Dong Xoai, Tien Hung), 01 name church (Tan Thanh), 02 pagodas (Quang Minh ; Thanh Quang), 05 Protestant groups and in some churches such as: Tinh That Van Phat (Tan Xuan), Tinh Xa hoang Mai (Tan Thanh), worship facilities holy Tran Hung Dao (Tan Phu) ... most of the religious activities before 1975. In recent years, the normal religious activities within the framework of the law. Minority religion has positive response to participate in revolutionary movements act locally, contributing to the development and defense of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

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