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Potential Development

Dong Xoai town is central of Binh Phuoc Province, is densely populated areas, high-speed urbanization, was identified as one of the areas to motivate socio-economic development of the province Binh Phuoc. With a focus on developing orientation-service commercial and industrial and tourism ... After 10 years of establishment with dynamic creative leadership of the Party town, the management and administration of the effective rights, the active collaboration of the organization, mass organizations and the consent of the people, it is the province of  investments to build Dong Xoai became the center of economic, political, socio-cultural province, so Dong Xoai has potential for development.
1. Structural infrastructure construction is on track and development is favorable to Dong Xoai can effectively implement social and economic programs and accelerating urbanization.
Network traffic in recent years has developed very quickly, the urban road system to be upgraded and new construction has been built. Now, in the town formed 02 perpendicular roads is Highway 14 and DT.741 completed with 4-6 lanes, asphalt concrete pavement, of a width of 42-52 m . Some of the main roads of the commune were formed with a width of 9-20 m pavement. Asphalt road network  can come to all social-wards. The total length of roads town of about 210.42 km, of which the highway 17.7 km (up 8.4%), provincial road 12.84 km (up 6.1%) and managed by the local road 179.88 km (85.5%).
Network of water supply, drainage, sanitation investment have gradually being built. Town water supply system by the provincial water supply companies has been including 01 factory management water with capacity of 4,800 m3/day; 01 water stations with a capacity of 300 m3 in Tan Phu Ward and transmission pipeline systems and distribution 10,000 m3 / day in 5 wards and Tien Thanh ward. Drainage system around the town common to both domestic wastewater and storm water in the inner region, about 15 km, which along Phu Rieng Do road 04 km, Hung Vuong 01 km, Tran Hung Dao 01 km, the administrative center of the province is about 05 km. Every day, in the town of garbage about 45-50 tons / day-night, seasonal holidays and the days of the fruit of rubbish increased by 20-30%. Daily amount of garbage collection public enterprises, transport to landfill and disposal.
2. Located in the southe key economic region is the central province of Binh Phuoc, densely populated, high-speed urbanization and is identified as one of the region to create a driving force for economic development -economic development of the province. With a focus on developing orientation-service commercial, industrial and tourism associated with important traffic axes: the Ho Chi Minh road, Highway 14, ĐT 741 ...Dong Xoai has been the Prime Minister approving the detailed planning project Doang Xoai Copper Industries in the South and North West towns include: Industrial Zone 1 Doang Xoai Tan Thanh; industrial Doang Xoai 2 Tien Thanh and industrial Dong 3rd, 4th in Tien Hung with a total area of 505 ha. Dong Xoai Industrial Zone 1, 2 has 7 projects in operation with a total investment of  inner country 348.5 billion and $12.1 million of foreign investment. The project has created jobs for 860 workers. Industrial Park Dong Xoai 3, 4 are being implemented complete attracting investment and infrastructure investment.
On trade in services sector continued to expand, attracting the participation of many economic sectors within and outside the province, especially in the Central Business District Dong Xoai town has an area of 40 thousand m2 built and put into operation to meet the demand for trading, buying and selling goods in the province, town and to create conditions for growth and service activities to improve the urban landscape. In recent years, the number of business establishments increased trade, retail sales market average growth rate is quite impressive. The number of commercial production facilities is 3,700 basis; tu over rate per year increased from 20% -22%.
Located in the region has many rivers, lakes, dams, abundant flora natural landscape so diverse of Dong Xoai relatively favorable conditions for the formation of regional tourism development likelyecotourism. Although now Dong Xoai not have the tourist and historical attractions, but with geographical location near ecotourism as Suoi Lam, Thac Mo, Cat Tien National Park, ... historical sites such as: Phu Rieng Do, petroleum storage Loc Hoa, Loc Quang ,Ba Ra Mountain prison ... With a rather convenient transportation system, Dong Xoai is an ideal destination in Dong Nam Bo and Tay Nguyen.
3. Dong Xoai are abundant human resources, labor day low prices. In total about 82,000 thousand people have about 54.31% of the population of working age. In particular, the number of workers in the agriculture, forestry and fisheries accounted for a large proportion (54.3%), followed by workers in the service sector accounted for 36.7%, industry-construction construction accounted for about 9%.
Quality of  human resources: labor force of the town are mainly unskilled labor, not trained but in the future the number of skilled workers, technical workers will tend to increase because the town is promoting the training of human resources to meet the requirements of the period of industrialization and mode ization.
People  in Dong Xoai traditionallybased, creative labor in production, hard to overcome the hardships. The ethnic groups in Dong Xoai is always unity, love help each other, trust in the leader ship of the Party, the management and administration of the State and are willing to sacrifice for the independence and freedom of country, for socialism, the same people throughout the country are determined to successfully implement social and economic goals set by the Party.
Midland town, is located in the Southe key economic conditions to strengthen cooperation development investment, but Dong Xoai by socio-economic starting point is generally low challenges in developing competitiveness. Potential advantages, always intertwined with the challenges, requiring towns always striven pass to the mobilization and development

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