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Dong Xoai town held a meeting to learn from experience of the Eve Festival 2014.

On February 11, 2014, Mr. Le Hai Dang-Vice Chairman of the town chaired a meeting to lea from experience of the Eve Festival 2014. The people who joined the meeting were the Organizing Committee members of the Eve Festival 2014, leaders and Specialists of the People's Councilsand the People's Committees of the town .



The meeting panorama
At the meeting, after the Cultural and Sporting Department of the town talked about  the draft of assessment report to lea from experience of the Eve Festival 2014, the speeches of the members attending the meeting showed that Eve Festival was an unique and a typical cultural activity, it was the main activity in all the activities to celebrate the Party, Spring and Tet holiday of our country. Due to well-preparing, having the sense of initiative and coordinating closely between the People's Committees with agencies of the province, specially high sense of responsibility of the Organizing Committee members, careful preparation, investment of human and material resources; the Eve Festival 2014 went according to the plan, scenario outlined.



But besides the achieved results, there were still some limited things for lea ing from experience that were commented and proposed to the provincial People's Committee by members of the meeting in order to organizing a more successful Eve Festival next year.

At the meeting, the town People's Committee rewarded 1 group and  6 individuals who were the agencies and departments at provincial level having excellent achievements in supporting the organization of the Eve Festival 2014./.

Translator: Ngoc Tan

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