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Dong Xoai town held the Phu Dong competition in school year 2013-2014.
On 17, 18 and 19 January 2014, in the Provincial Sports Center, Education and Training Department of Dong Xoai town Council held the Phu Dong competition in school year 2013-2014. There were nearly 800 athletes from 22 sports leagues of 14 primary schools and 8 secondary schools in the town attending the Phu Dong competition.
The organizers awarded first, second, third prizes for primary schools
In the competition, the groups would participate in seven kinds of sports including: athletics, football, volleyball, badminton, shuttlecock, table tennis and chess. According to the Organizing Committee, the number of contest registrations and athletes competing in Phu Dong competition was more this year than previous year. To ensure exact time, the Organizing Committee held prior to playing the volleyball, soccer. The rests were held at the multifunction sports and the provincial stadium.
Phu Dong competition  is  held every 2 years by the education department to maintain and promote physical exercise movement, exercise regularly and play sports for students at all grades. It also enhances the physical, ethical education for teenagers and students. The Phu Dong competition  is also an opportunity for  Education and Training Department to evaluate physical education in schools and choose excellent athletes to train and compete at the Phu Dong School competition of  Binh Phuoc province that will be held by the provincial Department of Education and Training on 3 May, 2014.
At the end of the competition, the Organizing Committee awarded first prizes for Tan Binh primary school, Tan Thien Secondary School, second prizes for Tan Dong primary school and Tan Thanh secondary school, third prizes for Tan Phu B primary school and Tan Phu secondary school. In addition, the organizers also awarded the first, second and third prizes for football, volleyball teams and gave certificates for athletes who had  achieved excellent performances in the competitions./.
Translator: Ngoc Tan
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