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Dong Xoai town opened Spring Flower Fair in 2014.
In order to organize happy activities on Tet holiday; give opportunities for people to visit, entertain and buy o amentals; create playful exciting atmosphere for the whole Party, the Army and Dong Xoai people with great determination, the successful implementation of the tasks of economy - society and culture - defense and security in the new year 2014, in the evening of 23 January, 2014, the People's Committee of Dong Xoai town solemnly held the opening of Spring Flower Fair 10 and a music show to celebrate the Party and Spring 2014.
Mr. Le Hai Dang - Member of the People’s Committee - Vice Chairman was having a speech at the  Spring Flower Fair
A Spring Flower Fair is from 20 January, 2014 to 30 January, 2014. This is maintained every year to create a favorable environment for organizations, agencies, craftsmen, individuals growing flowers and o amental plants so that they can advertise, introduce their products to the public. The Fair is the trade promotion activity to serve the shopping needs of people.
This year the Fair was held with the participation of the Binh Phuoc o amental creatures, Dong Xoai o amental creatures , organizations, agencies, craftsmen and individuals growing flowers and bonsai of  Phuoc Binh province and neighboring provinces.

During the fair, small-lot trade families decorated booths of  trees and bonsai, aquarium, art ceramics, fruit ... to serve traditional Tet holiday 2014. In addition, the organizers also held a lot of cultural activities, music shows in 84-year anniversary Party. At the opening of the Spring Flower Fair, the organizers held a grading and awards for the beautiful booths, bonsai./.

Translator: Ngoc Tan

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